Cross-border Consulting Services

Most companies realize that they must leverage globalization to be competitive in today’s marketplace. This may take the form of geographical expansion into new territories through a sales front end, setting up delivery centers in other geographies to optimize production or delivery costs, or creating partnerships and alliances that drive synergies. Cross border commercial activities elevate cultural issues to the same level of importance as the regular business practices. At CEO ally, we bring a unique combination of international experience and business expertise to bear on our clients situations to deliver shareholder value.

Our cross border consulting services include:

  • Setting up off shore delivery centers (ODC) – We assist our clients in optimizing delivery cost and quality by setting up off shore delivery centers. Our client engagements start by establishing the business rationale for off-shoring and then identifying the business functions that can be off-shored. Subsequently we support our clients in setting up facilities, recruiting resources and completing regulatory formalities for their ODC.
  • Expanding sales reach – We work with our clients to set up sales offices in new geographies to expand their customer reach. We help clients identify their offerings and existing customer relationships that can be leveraged to drive business in new geographies, and set up and managed sales offices in new geographies. Our support extends to the completion of required regulatory formalities, recruitment of sales resources and executive management of the international operations until the organization is up and running.

Sector Focus:

Our typical cross border consulting clients are companies based in US or India with $5 to $500 Million revenues, who are looking for support to address specific issues related to globalization.

Vertical Focus:

Our cross border services span all verticals and we focus on delivering insight and value based on our business expertise and international experience.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acting as an extension of our client’s management team, we help our clients strategize and execute their long term growth objectives / exit goals through M&A.

Business Advisory Services

Leveraging our business experience, industry expertise and knowledge of globalization trends, we help our clients in plan and execute critical strategies for growth, profitability and global expansion.